Dive in Pulau Biak

Diving in Pulau Biak

The unspoiled island of Biak is located in the Cendrawasih Bay of Papua (Irian Jaja), west of Papua new Guinea. Biak island itself is the biggest island in the Biak-Numfor regency with 1.898 square km area. The entire area of the regency is 3.130 square km which has a total 67 islands.

Each island is surrounded by a pristine white sandy beach with the breath-taking beauty of colourful shallow coral reefs and magnificent deeper coral gardens. The water is usually calm with visibility often excided 50m (150ft. Water temperature remains about 30°C all year round. Excellent diving conditions can be found any time of the year, disturbed only by the occasional monsoon. In this case the diving activities will be on the opposite coast.

Most of the diving activities will be on the wilderness reefs of the Padaido island group, which consist of 36 Island and scattered at all reefs in the east of Biak island.

The coral reefs forms fantastic underwater great walls, begins with a flat reefs to about 3m deep, then slops down to hundreds of meters, cut with many crevices/clefts, large caves and hanging masses of corals.

On the unique coral reefs, a tremendous collection of marine life thrives; Red and orange encrusting spongers, Christmas tree worms, basket and tube spongers, soft and hard corals, sea-fans, anemones and clown fish, red-blue pink and brown starfish, bright coloured crinoids, giant tunicates, sea-whips, nudibranch (Spanish dancer), transparent and red-striped coral shrimps, blue ribbon ells, lobsters, molluscs and thousands of ornamental coral fish.

The large pelagic often seen area Napoleon wrasse, angel fish, turtles, stingrays, and eagle rays snappers, groupers, tunas, sea-snakes, sharks, barracudas and dolphins.

World War II wrecks is encrusted with marine life, such as colour sponges, soft and hard corals, deep water gorgonians and large schools of fish including lionfish, stonefish, jacks, giant groupers etc.

This area offers more than 30 dive spots, some areas being still unexplored.

Samber Beach Location

Travel to Pulau Biak

The picturesque island of Pulau Biak is located at the top of the Cendrawasih Bay on the northern part of Papua Irian Island. With plenty of beach view accommodation available, this is a great place to spend a little time.

Pulaus Biak is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches, of which Parai, Yendidori, Adoki, and Wardo beaches are the most popular. Here you will find pristine white sand and crystal clear water which is simply teeming with marine life. This is a good place to practice water sports such as diving, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking.

Skydiving is popular is this area, and offers an excellent opportunity to see the area from a different angle. Pulau Biak was a sanctuary for Japanese soldiers during WWII. Those who are interested in the island's colorful past can learn more in the Biak cave museum.

Bird lovers will want to spend some time exploring the island's large and lovely bird park, which is home to birds of paradise as well as a couple of species that are native to the Pulau Biak. The sunsets on Pulau Biak are noted for their astonishing spectrum of color. The evening is a good place to wander along the shore and sip cocktails at chilled out beach bars.

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