Wadibu Beach

Pulau Biak, West Papua

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Dive Wadibu Beach

Reef Wall

Wadibu Beach is located to the east of Biak, not far away from Biak Marow Hotel. It has a long stretch of white sandy beaches, a famous places for the local people.

Corals formation can be found at the depth of 2m with many fishes living in it. Further out it is followed with steep walls reaching 45m below. The steep wall is rich with colourful corals which can be appreciated, as the water is so clear at the depth of 20-30m. Large sea fans, soft corals and damsel fishes are everywhere. Bumphead parrot fishes and Napoleon fish are also found in this area.

Wadibu beach an alternative diving spot when the waves on Padaido are rather rough. Those who can not dive, Wadibu is also ideal for snorkelling.

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