Auki Island

Pulau Biak, West Papua

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Dive Auki Island


The surface water may be wavy but clear, which makes it easy to see the underwater corals. At the depth of 6m you can find beautiful and colorful corals, butterfly fishes, and parrot fishes playing around the corals. At 20m deep you will be faced with steep walls of corals. You might swim along the coral in a very week current and see different kinds of butterfly fish swimming around large black sponges.

Great barracuda usually approach the diver, making it easy to be photographed, while big eye jack fishes swim further away, still easy to see due to the clear water. You will also see fusilier in the shallower area, normally followed by bat fishes.

The combination of clear water and weak current make all fishes look so timed and very cooperative for photo taking. It is very apparent that this spot hat not been visited by many people.

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