Undi Island

Pulau Biak, West Papua

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Dive Undi Island


This is a very beautiful place to dive. From the surface you can see a blueish hole, the entrance to an underwater cave. Diving starts in this hole and when you reach the depth of 20m you might look up and see the white clear sky is above your head, and the spectacular lines of sunrays penetrating the water. Looking down is a narrowing whole. As you go down at 30m deep you will be greeted with large sea fan and reef fishes.

There is no current but strange feeling starts creeping as if you fall off a tall building. There not many fishes in the cave due to absences of corals around except for black fan corals, which are mainly found in the area. Entering the deepest area of the cave you will arrive to a dark area as the sunlight can not penetrate it. Using a underwater torches you will be amazed with soldier fishes hiding in the cave.

Coming out of the caves you will see a sheer drop and you can swim along the walls to see sweetlips. Over the flat area, some corals are destroyed which will require a long time to recover.

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