Mioswarek Island

Pulau Biak, West Papua

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Dive Mioswarek Island

Reef Drift Wall

The island is located just behind Auki Island. It is a small island with no inhabitants at all but it is very beautiful for its white sandy beach. The best spot is just next to the island at the depth of 3m where we will find  both healthy and dead corals.

The coral formation in this area is characterized with steep walls stretching down to 50m. Along the walls you will find soft and black corals. Interesting colourful angel fishes live there as well as purple fishes.

Large sea fan corals can also easily be found and so are dog tooth tuna fishes, which do not seem to be afraid of divers.  Unlike the tuna, bat fishes are still a bit shy with the diver, making it rather difficult to take pictures of them.

The currents are rather strong in this area and this prevent you from seeing a longer distance.

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