Dive in Felidhu Atoll

    Alimatha Jetty Night Dive Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    A night dive in front of Alimatha resort's jetty. Popular among diving safaris in the Maldives.Lots of nurse sharks, stingrays, jacks.

    Faru Kolhu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    A channel dive, possiblity to see a lot of pelagics and schooling fish, shallow drit

    Manta point Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    About 200 metres east of Dhiggiri resort you can reach this small reef with mantas during south west monsoon

    Dhiggiri Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    Very deep channel that goes to 45m. Good for drifting with incoming currents. There are some caves and overhangs all around

    Medhu Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    This channel forms between Finolhu and Bolikey Falhu, south of Dhiggiri Kandu. The bottom is at 30m, a bit deeper in the entrance and a bit out there are some caves at 35m but there is no much to see. On the sand patches there are white tip sharks and stingrays. The south part of the kandu is…

    Miyaru Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    Miyaru is a common dive site name in the Maldives, as means "Shark" in Dhivehi. This easy and not too long kandu is at the north of Alimathaa island and features small caves on both sides of the chanel. Of course, sharks can be found, both in the oustide and in the interior of the channel

    Devana Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    South of Alimathaa there are several channels, but this, the second one is the most important and a famous dive site in the Felidhe region. At the entrance, the kandu is divided by a long reef. If the current is not extremmely strong, is possible to cross the channel from Vihamaafaru to Kudadhiggaru…

    Hulhidhoo Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    This dive site is on the Felidhoo region, in the channel between Aarah and Hlhidhoo, bot deserted islands.Outside the reef of Hulhidhoo is teh best dive, with a rice-field terrace like reef, with overhangs between 20 and 35m. Deeper than 35m there are more caves with less interest for the air…

    Felidhoo Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    The channel on the south side of Felidhoo is a very nice and narrow kandu, 50m wide, between Felidho and Saalambet Falhu. The entrance is shallow, and at 16m the channel gets deeper.The highlight of this place are the staghorn masssive corals. Also fire coral can be found so good buoyance is needed.

    Keyodhoo Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    Channel with a small thila in the middle called Keyodhoo Thila. The bottom is at 30m, but on the sides of the channel and in the thila, a wall dive can be done at shallower depths. There are white tips, turtles and sting rays

    Fuda Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    Second channel south of Keyodhoo.The channel entrance is quite narrow and the currents formed can be really strong, decreasing the speed on the sides of the wall at the end of the kandu. The walls offer many photograpy opportunities. The east side is called Caravara Bodu.

    Fotteyo Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    In Huraha Kandu, between Dhiggaru Falhu and Fotteyo Falhu there is this channel, probably the best and most known dive site in the Felidhe Atoll.The dive is indeed excellen, being a paradise for UW photography and it has so diverse life that many marine biologist have had several surveys here. The…

    Rakeedhoo Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    The channel between Rakeedhoo and Fotteyo Falhu (on the other side of Fotteyo). The channel is very deep, with the bottom at about 50m with steps starting at 20m on the west side of the kandu. On every step there are overhangs and coral formations, whereas in the corner, there is a nice terrace that…

    Vattaru Kandu Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    In the south of the Vattaru Atoll there is this nice kandu, 45 minutes away from Rakeedhoo. The best is stay close to the corner of Vattarurah island with the entrance of the channel at 32m with a few caves and overhangs. There is possible to see grey reef sharks and many other pelagics such as…