Rakeedhoo Kandu

Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Rakeedhoo Kandu

Deep Reef Sharks Drift Wall

The channel between Rakeedhoo and Fotteyo Falhu (on the other side of Fotteyo). The channel is very deep, with the bottom at about 50m with steps starting at 20m on the west side of the kandu. On every step there are overhangs and coral formations, whereas in the corner, there is a nice terrace that can be used as a holding point for grey reef and hammerhead shark spotting. The hammerheads will be there in the early morning, whern the light is not so strong. Is better to do this dive with ingoing current, and after the show, drift inside the channel to the shallower depths where napoleons, sweetlips and other reef fishes can be found.

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