Dive in Felidhu Atoll

Diving in Felidhu Atoll

Also named as Felidhoo Atoll, Vaavu Atoll in Maldives comprises of 19 beautiful isles. Felidhoo Atoll has been developed with two natural atolls - the main Vaavu Atoll and Vattaru with an untouched isle. Vaavu has a shape of a boot.

Felidhe Atoll is more isolated and less developed than the other tourist atolls, but has gained its reputation as one of the finest atolls in Maldives. Great diving and snorkelling and a common destination for dive safaris. Famous for the kandus instead of thilas, it has 26 long and deep channels on the east side, suitable for diving. Through out a year, this atoll is an ideal place to sight sharks and mantas.

During the north east monsoon the current flows inside the channels, and it gets perfect clear water, great for sharks and pelagic fish. On the west side the channels are not that good, but with a outgoing current during the north east monsoon is a perfect place for manta spotting.

To the eastern edge of the atoll, Fotteyo Kandu is one of the most favored dive sites and counted as one of the top five dive sites in the world. To the eastern side of the Vaavu atoll, reefs are perfect for snorkeling and diving. You might spot hammerhead sharks here. Miaru Kandu and Dhiggiri Corner have high concentration of aquatic species including gray reef sharks, giant tunas, eagle rays and many other colorful reef fishes.

Another highlight of the Felidhe Atoll is the Pioneer wreck, next to Hingaahurra island. It was wrecked on the reef in 1958 on its way to Male from Colombo.


Travel to Felidhu Atoll

Vaavu Atoll, also known as Felidhu Atoll, is a natural atoll of the Maldives. It is the smallest administrative atoll in terms of population. It's located 40 miles from capital Malé, 90 minutes by speedboat and 5 hours by slow boat.

Felidhu Atoll has a very irregular outline, and it is surrounded by continuous barrier reefs, or by small patches with vilu separated by narrow passages. Felidhu Atoll has only 10 islands even though it is quite large. The Atoll's western "horn" is devoid of islands and almost completely enclosed. Its eastern cape (Fottheyo Muli) is the easternmost geographical point of the Maldives.