Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Fotteyo

Ambiance Cave Deep Reef Sharks Drift Wall

In Huraha Kandu, between Dhiggaru Falhu and Fotteyo Falhu there is this channel, probably the best and most known dive site in the Felidhe Atoll.
The dive is indeed excellen, being a paradise for UW photography and it has so diverse life that many marine biologist have had several surveys here.
The best diving is on the outside corner of Dhiggaru Falhu, with lots of cavities and small swimthroughs, and in the entrance to the channel, lots of nice overhangs. All the places is full of soft coral. On the sandy patch white tip sharks rest and also stingrays, and after that the reef grows up with a group of hard coral.
The first part of the channel is called "Trigger Valley", as Titan triggerfish is very common, with nests around the area, so extreme caution is needed. On the outside eagle rays can be spotted, among with barracuda, big groupers (such as potato), tuna and turtles in the channel walls.

In the early morning sometimes there are hammerheads in the most outer side of the channel, so small incursions might be needed into the blue to spot them.

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