Dive in Sjaelland

    Trykkerdammen Sjaelland, Denmark

    Munkholmbroen Sjaelland, Denmark

    Ceylon af Bergkvara Sjaelland, Denmark


    Hojerup Kirke Sjaelland, Denmark

    Livlig Sjaelland, Denmark

    Vigorous vessel was a 3-masted Brigantine wood Fredrik Hald from (Halden), sank 30/08/1898.

    Sinne Nordfisk Sjaelland, Denmark

    Sinne North Fish sunk Feb 28 1978 with the West German ship Oliver Twist.It sunk with no lost. Sinne North Fisk was on the way to its home port in Skagen from a fishing ground in the Company PE Nielsen, and several sister ships, all named "North Fish" for surname.

    SjÊlland Sjaelland, Denmark

    Line ship sank Zealand 2.4.1801. There are now tied and some frames back in the very scrub oak. Ballast at the bottom as you can look into.

    Trekroner fortet Sjaelland, Denmark

    Easy access

    Twin Sjaelland, Denmark

    The bottom slowly deepens to about 5-6 meters - then follows a steeper slope down to 10 meters. "Twin" is found by following the bottom in direction 90 deg until a depth of around 10 meters is reached. Then turn directly north and follow a depth of 10-11 meters.The small wreck of "Twin" is one of…