Dive in Sjaelland

Diving in Sjaelland

Sjælland is a good place to go beach diving. No matter from which direction the wind blows, you can always find a dive spot if you’re standing in the middle of the island. The beach dives done in the north of Sjælland are not that deep, if you swim out for 20 minutes you will reach around 12 meters depth.

When you go to the west of Sjælland you will find The big belt, also known as Storebælt, The name indicates that it’s a large passage but you still have to be aware of the strong currents when tides are rising and falling. The currents in this area has created some beautiful areas which are covered in soft coral, which again has created all the marine life you will find here.

If you go east of Sjælland you will find that the Øresunds has equally amount of current and offers big diversity in its dive sites, from big flotted chalk harvest stations that lights up the bottom in the south to big marine life diversity in the north. You can find some interesting wrecks too.

When you go south of Sjælland, you will find the The big island of Lolland Falster. This place is not as explored as the dive sites along the east coast of Sjælland. A lot of different species can be found and there are a lot of underwater photographic opportunities in these waters.


Travel to Sjaelland

Sjaeland is the largest island (7,031 km²) of Denmark. It is connected to Funen by the Great Belt Bridge and to Sweden over Amager and the Øresund Bridge. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is partly located on the eastern shore of the island and partly on Amager. Other cities on the island include Roskilde and Elsinore.

In Norse mythology, the island was created by the goddess Gefjun after she tricked Gylfi, the king of Sweden, as it is told in the story of Gylfaginning. She removed a piece of land and transported it to Denmark, and it became the island of Sjaeland. The vacant area was filled with water and became Mälaren.

When you’re on Sjælland you should definitely not miss The Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

The dive centers of Sjælland are mainly in the cities close to the beach. Interesting dive sites can be found around the island, and in particular in the Oresund Strait side.

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