Sjaelland, Denmark

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Dive Munkholmbroen

Diving in Munkholmbroen is Don't know
You can find Don't know
The average depth is m / ft
To reach Munkholmbroen you have to do it From shore
This dive site is best suited for All divers divers.

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Kasper March 22nd, 2012 - 6:35:
Diving at Munkholmbroen, is a muddy experince, it offers a bottom filled with oysters you actually can take home, rinse and eat. Just make sure you rinse them for 24 hours in fresh water before preparing, and remember to change the fresh water every 6 hours. Under the bridge, in 2010 there was found a big treasure, invaluable. So you might get lucky. Small things like crabs live here as well. small current.

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