Dive in Denmark

    Trykkerdammen Sjaelland, Denmark

    Munkholmbroen Sjaelland, Denmark


    Almind s¯ Denmark

    Alssundbroen Denmark

    amazing place!!! only beaten by Lynetten in denmark. theres an under water sea witch with breasts and all.....

    Anders Martin Denmark

    Ceylon af Bergkvara Sjaelland, Denmark

    Dynte strand Sydjylland, Denmark


    Faeno Sund Sydjylland, Denmark

    Nice place to do a drift dive when current is heading north. enter water down stream and stop in front of the castle.

    Flydedok Sydjylland, Denmark

    Furso Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Is a freshwater lake with some crab fish.

    Galsklint Sydjylland, Denmark

    Stays shallow for a while (10 metrs MD), Camping with boats and fishing!

    Gammel Albo Sydjylland, Denmark

    Steady decent towards Lillebelt, depths well in excess of 40 mtrs (120 ft). Good entry and exit thanks to a wooden pier with metal steps at the end and a platform about 2/3 down the length.

    Gammelbrovej Arosund Sydjylland, Denmark

    stays shallow (5 meters max.) and then you enter the fairway (18 meters depth). Lot's of current possible!

    Gasevig Strand Sydjylland, Denmark

    Hagenor Sydjylland, Denmark

    Hejsager Strandby Sydjylland, Denmark


    Hojerup Kirke Sjaelland, Denmark

    Kaegnaes Faerge Sydjylland, Denmark

    Good spot for beginners, but also offers interesting dives for "old hands". Did my OWD here, nice and stressfree environment.

    Knud Rasmussen Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Parkering ved statuen.

    KongebrogÂrden Denmark

    Beautiful wall and beautiful scenery along the breakwater.

    Livlig Sjaelland, Denmark

    Vigorous vessel was a 3-masted Brigantine wood Fredrik Hald from (Halden), sank 30/08/1898.

    Lynetten Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Mean Well diving location. The bottom consists of sand, which quickly moves into mud. There are small, little eels and flatfish. There is growing r?dtang long seaweed and grass on the bottom.Find: Run out of Refshalevej over B and W's main building and past the sailing club Lynetten port, and…

    Lyngsbo Sydjylland, Denmark

    4 meter high wall starts at 10 meter depth

    Marselisborg Denmark

    Prammen Denmark

    Sandskaervej strand Sydjylland, Denmark

    Sinne Nordfisk Sjaelland, Denmark

    Sinne North Fish sunk Feb 28 1978 with the West German ship Oliver Twist.It sunk with no lost. Sinne North Fisk was on the way to its home port in Skagen from a fishing ground in the Company PE Nielsen, and several sister ships, all named "North Fish" for surname.

    SjÊlland Sjaelland, Denmark

    Line ship sank Zealand 2.4.1801. There are now tied and some frames back in the very scrub oak. Ballast at the bottom as you can look into.

    Snoghoj Sydjylland, Denmark

    do not dive when lots of current!very nice underwater life to and on the pier which you can go around easily with one tank.

    Stationsgade Denmark

    Strandmollekroen Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Saml udstyret p pladsen, for at undg sand osv. Pas p i ikke falder med udstyret nÂr i gÂr ned af bakken. Godt sted at starte med at dykke, man skal langt ud for at f noget dybde pÂ.

    Studstrup Denmark

    Tisvildeleje Strand Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Approx. 150 m from the shoreline there's a stone reef of big (1-3m) boulders running in parallel to the shoreline. Swim along the reef and look between the stones. You will experience tons of crabs, different kinds of soles and the occasional cod.The site is excellent for night dives and at night…

    Trekroner fortet Sjaelland, Denmark

    Easy access

    Twin Sjaelland, Denmark

    The bottom slowly deepens to about 5-6 meters - then follows a steeper slope down to 10 meters. "Twin" is found by following the bottom in direction 90 deg until a depth of around 10 meters is reached. Then turn directly north and follow a depth of 10-11 meters.The small wreck of "Twin" is one of…

    Tommergraven Copenhaguen, Denmark

    Everybody at the international school of diving on Holmen knows the place!

    Ydermolen Denmark

    Amoniak Heaven Jylland, Denmark

    Good for training dives, sandy bottom. Normally a lot of flounders following you around. Curret and rich anymall life.