Shark Bank

Mahe Island, Inner Islands

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Dive Shark Bank

Shoal Big Fishes Reef Sharks

Diving in Shark Bank is Outstanding
You can find Outstanding
The average depth is 35 m / 114.8 ft
To reach Shark Bank you have to do it By boat
This dive site is best suited for CMAS ** / AOW divers.

Very abundant reef fishes. The eagle rays here are huge. Possibility of pelagic fish encounters.

Reviews (2)

Sara May 3rd, 2013 - 0:42:
I agree with everything Callum said above, this is an amazing site. All the shops will charge you extra and they hesitate to take divers they haven't worked with before out. It does have to be calm in order to visit, but it's DEFINITELY worth it if you have the chance. True to it's name, you'll get up close and personal with some of Seychelles largest sharks, rays, and shoals of fish.
Callum March 24th, 2013 - 17:40:
Shark bank is one of my favourite sites in the Seychelles. I have seen just about everything I like to see in one dive while diving here. The site is quite a few miles off shore, so it can only be accessed when the sea is calm, if you are only in Seychelles for a short time make sure you get out to this site while you can. Most of the dive shops in Beau Vallon will charge you a bit extra for this dive as fuel bills for the boat are higher, but trust me its worth it. On my first dive to shark bank I saw - a shoal of yellow snapper, many white tip sharks, 3 octopus, a hawksbill turtle, lobters and a lone nurse shark. So if you like to see a variety of marine life and like to dive around at 30m, then you will definitely enjoy shark bank.

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