Bay Ternay Marine Park

Mahe Island, Inner Islands

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Dive Bay Ternay Marine Park

Shoal Big Fishes Lagoon

Diving in Bay Ternay Marine Park is Good
You can find Poor Typically, visibility is Medium ( 5 - 10 m)
The average depth is 12 m / 39.4 ft although the maximum depth you can reach is 20 m / 65.6 ft
To reach Bay Ternay Marine Park you have to do it By boat & from shore
This dive site is best suited for All divers divers.

Bleached coral reef in Bay Ternay National Marine Park.

  • green turtle at bay ternay

    green turtle at bay ternay
  • 20213

  • marble ray

    marble ray
  • hawksbill turtle

    hawksbill turtle
  • whaleshark nov 2013

    whaleshark nov 2013

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Reviews (2)

Sara May 5th, 2013 - 1:21:
I spent 3 months living and diving in this marine park and I love it. Theres a resident flock of devil rays- about 50. Try and catch them early morning. Whale sharks, mantas and sharks also visit the reef. Though the sharks you'll find are usually juvenile. Awesome coral all over, and some great deep reefs too if you have the chance to go down there. A pretty awesome spot all in all.
Callum March 24th, 2013 - 17:21:
This is certainly a site worth diving if you are in Beau Vallon, the visibility is usually good as the bay is quite sheltered. You can expect to see a wide array of colorful coral and tropical fish, if you are lucky you may also come across small white tip sharks and hawksbill turtles. I have seen a green turtle in the bay once, though I have dived in this marine park over 80 times. If you are looking for the white tip sharks in particular, look under the huge mounds of hard coral and large rocks that have gaps underneath, they usually hide in these sorts of places. The bay is also perfect for snokeling, closer to the shore the depth drops to 5-7 metres over a wide area, which is perfect for 45mins or an hours snorkeling while others are diving. Overall bay ternay is a good site, not the best in Seychelles, but not one to be missed if you are a keen diver and underwater photographer.

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