Rurbas Island

Pulau Biak, West Papua

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Dive Rurbas Island

Reef Drift

The island is covered with trees and no inhabitants. The best sites for diving is the south with its strong current. The area of 3m is flat with preserved soft and hard coral.   

Following this depth, the coral drops forming corals walls with massive sponges. Red and soft fan corals are identified at the depth of 20m. In this area you will be faced with puffer, angle fishes and bat fishes. The purple queen fishes can be seen swimming in flacks to the same direction when the current comes.

In the shallower area you will find poisonous lion fishes and blue spotter stingray fishes. They are rather lazy to come out of the coral. Outside the reef walls you will find the trigger fishes and fusilier fishes also swimming in the same direction in big flocks making an interesting view to observe as the water is very clear.

The current is not so strong but it changes its direction, sometimes it runs vertical or horizontal helping divers save their energy. When the current comes the fish will also automatically come out they hiding places for food brought by the current.

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