Pai Island

Pulau Biak, West Papua

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Dive Pai Island

Big Fishes Reef

Pai island is not far from Pakreki Island with a spectacular white long beaches. The best diving sites is located to the north part of Pai Cape. At the depth of 3-12m the acropora corals are totally damaged where there are no sings of growth. These damaged corals are now covered with algae. Although all the corals located to the island are destroyed, there are still giant clams among damaged corals. Surprisingly you can also find large surviving table corals under which you will find sweetlips, snappers and lobsters.   

At 12m depth you can find living corals alive and beautiful with very clear water. As you go along the area you will be greeted by grey reef sharks swimming in groups not far from divers.. They usually try approach you and refuse to be photographed. They don't like camera flash light. You can enjoy playing with the shark for about fifteen minutes. In the meantime pick handle barracudas also might join in but they will soon swim away after hearing your breath. Jack fishes also come along to allow you to take good pictures, while the sharks keep swimming backward and forward, not far away. A couple of eagle ray may show up, coming from the deepest and then rush to towards a shallow area.

Pai Island is the most spectacular site for diving with interesting underwater views.

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