Owi Island

Pulau Biak, West Papua

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Dive Owi Island

Reef Drift

The best diving spot is located to the west of the island. The coral at 2 meter deep is grated followed by a steep long reefs. In some of the areas the coral at this depth are still in good condition, while in some other parts acropora, in particular, are severely damaged. You will find a quite a number of crown-of  thorns star fishes. in the area.

Following the steep reef, you will find medium size soft corals and black ones. What makes the site unique is that the you can find a lot of large triton trumpets emerging from the walls. Diving there give you the best chance to participate in the protection of one of the many endangered species.

You will also find that the current quite strong affecting your vision. However, diving here becomes special due to the existence of triton trumpets, a rare target for your picture taking.

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