Dive in North Ari Atoll

Diving in North Ari Atoll

Geographically Alifu Atoll comprises of three atolls namely Ari Atoll, Rasdhoo Atoll, and Thoddoo Atoll. The northern area of Ari Atoll has been blessed with many dive sites with myriad reef fishes in varying sizes, shapes and colors and brilliant coral formations.

Veligandu Kandu is a shallow channel with around the depth of 10 meters. The reef slopes at 25 m and in the middle of the channel a large coral garden formulated with nooks and crannies with myriad underwater species. Manta rays are often seen swimming across the channel. Maaya Thila is the frequently visited dive site with an average visibility of 20 m and an average water temperature of 26 C. An impressive site to spot gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, batfish, zebra morays, stonefish, frogfish and turtles. Maaya Thila is located to 3 km northwest side of Maayafushi Island Resort and can easily be accessed by boat in 20 minutes from this resort.

In the area of Ukulhas Island Whale sharks are often found patrolling the region., and in the reef resides several white tip reef sharks and red-toothed triggerfish. Ukulhas Thila, Madivaru (Hammerhead Point), Kuramathi Faru, Bathala Maaga Thila, Fesdoo Wreck, Hafza Thila (grey reef shark cleaning station), and Mushimasmigili (Fish Head) are some of the world-class dive sites in North Ari Atoll.

With exotic wreck dive locations, North Ari Atoll entices many avid divers to experience the chilling diving in the azure water of the reefs. The Halaveli wreck was sunk by the dive school of Halaveli Island in 1991 to makes it an attractive dive spot. The Halaveli wreck is a home to large morays, stingrays, batfish and groupers. It is located on the house reef of Halaveli. Fesdu wreck dive, 1 km southwest side of Fesdu Island Resort, is another wreck diving site filled with colorful marine species and soft corals.

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Ari Atoll is the second westernmost atoll of the Maldives, only after Maamakunudhoo Atoll. It is oblong in shape, 89 km in length by only 31 km in breadth. It contains some 50 islands, generally small, which lie mainly along its eastern fringe.

Its features are intermediate between Maalhosmadulhu and North Malé atolls. Except for a small barrier reef in its southern end, it is shaped by a succession of large, separate oval reefs, like the large atolls in the North, with a clear rim of large faru to the east.

In the interior the general soundings are 30 to 40 fathoms (55 to 73 m), with mud and sand. In places its lagoon contains small reef-patches, but it is generally dotted with many large coral reefs, some of which remain submerged even at low tide.

  • Napoleon Wrasse

    Napoleon Wrasse
  • Manta Ray

    Manta Ray
  • Fesdu Wreck

    Fesdu Wreck
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    White Tip Reef Shark
  • Napoleon Wrasse

    Napoleon Wrasse
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    Giant Sea Fan
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    Dive Plus Ukulhas
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    Ukulhas House Reef
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    Ukulhas Island View From Our House Reef
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