Ukulhas Thila

North Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Ukulhas Thila

Big Fishes Reef Wall

On the outer north rim of Ari Atoll there is almost one huge reef that pops up to 30m in some places. At the end there is the Maavaru Kandu, a wide channel that features in the middle Ukulhas Thila. This dive is a very long and narrow pinnacle, 300m long with a flat top at 15m and sloping down to 30m. At the end of the reef top there is a cleaning station used sometimes for mantas during the months from december to april. On these days, currents will be really strong and some climbing on the top will be needed. Care should be taken to hold only on dead corals, and to avoid holding on scorpion fishes. The best way to spot the mantas is stay quiet holding on the dead coral, and the curiosity of the mantas will bring them to the diver.

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