Bathalaa Maaga Kanthila

North Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Bathalaa Maaga Kanthila

Cave Wreck Reef Sharks Drift

On the north of Bathalaa Maaga island there is a long spur of about 20 metres wide that extends more than 500m to the north into Maagaa Kandu. It is a long slope that finish at 30m. There are smal cavities and two caves at the northern end, where visibility is better than in the inside. Here you can see barracuda schools, dogtooth tuna, turtles and white tip and grey reef sharks. If the visibility is not very good and there is plankton enough, is easy to spot eagle rays feeding around. On the reef top there is a great variety of hard and soft coral, with lots of sponges as well. Swimming around are all varieties of reef fishes, with yellow back snappers, blue stripped snappers and fusiliers as well. Is easy to spot also small schools of unicorn fish and surgeonfishes. If the current is strong and outgoing, is wise to take caution and save air enough to make a safety stop with a safety balloon on the surface, so the dhoani captain can spot us. The best dive is done by going down to 21m and stay on the current point while the sharks swim around. In a good day, there can be more than 30 grey reef around.

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