Maaya Thila

North Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Maaya Thila

Cave Reef Sharks Wall

Maayaa thila is probably one of the most popular dive sites in North Ari Atoll, and is common to find 3, 4 or more dhoanis around with lots of divers around, specially in high season. It is a marine protected area that has a thila at 6m with a diameter of around 80 meters. Around the thila is a wall that goes to 30 meters creating small cavities and balconies in all the perimeter. Many divers like this place as has in one single thila the best of what you can find in Maldives. Amazing soft corals, sea fans and reef fishes. Moray eels, turtles and lionfishes on the top reef along with the typical reef fishes. On the walls there are white tip sharks, barracuda schools, and marble stingrays. This dive site is perfect for night dive and is common to find more than 50 divers in one single dive after 7 pm. At that time, the stingrays, moray eels, lionfishes and white tips are hunting and the show is great

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