Dive in Bali

    Crystal Bay

    Crystal Bay Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

    Visibility at Crystal bay can reach 40m+ on a good day, It is certainly one of the areas most popular dive sites and is a favourite of the visiting Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) at the right time of year.It also boasts a healthy reef, an interesting cave, golden sand, huge coral bommies and incredibly…
    jack fish on liberty

    USS Liberty Wreck Tulamben, Indonesia

    The USAT Liberty is one of Bali's most famous dive site.USAT Liberty Glo, a United States Army Transport, was built at the Hog Island emergency shipyard in Philadelphia during World War I, but was completed after the November 1918 armistice. Shortly after the U.S. entry into World War II, Liberty…

    Jemeluk Amed, Indonesia

    Manta Ray

    Manta Bay Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

    If you would like to experience Mantas up close and personal then this is the place. On a good day you could be surrounded by up to twenty feeding Mantas. The Mantas are attracted by the large quantities of plankton that collect in the corners of the bay and come here for their daily feed. If you're…
    Eagle Ray with Legend Diving

    Blue Corner Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

    Just in front of Nusa Lembongan, the Blue Corner dive site is the most adventurous and exciting dive site in the whole Nusa Penida region. Suitable only for the most experienced divers, the uncontrolled cold currents will give you an adrenaline rush as you descend the several coral wall slopes,…

    Blue Lagoon Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    Great place for night diving and photography. This is a crowded snorkelling site!

    Gili Tepekong - Toilet Bowl Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    Secret Jetty Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    A poorly planned and executed tourism project gave us this truly magnificent dive spot. This jetty was originally built to be used for the ferries connecting Bali and Lombok and to attract cruise ships to stop here, too. However, the site proved to be too shallow for bigger ships - and has since…
    Menjangan Island Site

    Menjangan Island Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Menjangan Island is the part of Bali National Park, Menjangan mean Deer. since the deers are live here. Menjangan Island is famouse because its marine fauna incorporates one of the best-preserved coral reefs in West Bali. Its a wall dive with no strong current.
    batu kelebit

    Batu Kelebit Tulamben, Indonesia

    Big pelagic dive site: Tunas, sharks, manta rays, barracudas, sunfishes (if lucky)

    Kubu Tulamben, Indonesia


    Manta Point Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Manta Point is a diving site with gray reefs, reef white tips, silver-tips and numerous sharks. While Penida Bay is another anchorage, and the rocky islands have an interesting forms; something like an old resting elephant. The bay is vulnerable to swell, creating-up-and-down-currents. Then, Manta…

    House Wreck Bali, Indonesia

    We waddled into the water in search of the small wreck, embedded in an area of white sand under about 20’ (7m) of water. The wreck is well marked with a buoy, and after a short while of paddling , and having located the dark blot on the seabed, we dived right in. The wreck is of an old Vietnamese…
    Alam Batu Housreef

    Alam Batu Housreef Tulamben, Indonesia

    coral garden

    Coral Garden Tulamben, Indonesia

    very good for night dives

    Emerald bay Tulamben, Indonesia

    A Toyota wreck and a lot of japaneese divers and snorklers.

    The River Tulamben, Indonesia

    This is a muck dive. CrinoÔds, Sea pens, mimic octopus, ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp... A must for underwater photographers!

    Tulamben Drop-off Tulamben, Indonesia

    Fantastic coral, sponges and fans

    Sanur Beach Sanur, Indonesia

    padang pai

    Padangbai Blue Lagoon Padang Bai, Indonesia

    Blue lagoon Wall has many species of marine life and since it is not as famous as the wreck in Tumbilen on the northern part of the island there are not as many divers choosing this location, There are reef sharks to be seen and spotted rays, sea snakes lion fish and many types of soft and hard…
    lipah bay

    Lipah Bay Amed, Indonesia

    A wreck between 6 and 10 m deep. The best area is after the wreck between 15 and 30 m deep: Soft corals, gorgonians, staghorn corals etc.
    Orang Utan Crab

    Mangroves Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

    Mangroves offers a healthy sloping coral reef with small coral bommies and table corals waiting to be explored for the small stuff and sometimes manta rays and other large species swimming past in deeper water.A good site for all levels.
    SD dive site

    SD, PED, Sental and Buyuk Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

    These sites are found side by side on Nusa Penida and share similar topography. The gentle slope on the North coast of Penida is covered with beautiful colourful corals as well as randomly placed barrel sponges and coral bommies. Schools of fish and the occasional shark distract divers from the…

    Gili Biaha Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    The south of the island has a great black wall; but take care of the swell & current! The eastern side of the island is really nice.

    Gili Tepekong - The Canyon Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    Mimpang Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    The best part is the southern tip of the reef. Molas and sharks are often seen in this area.

    Secret Bay Gilimanuk, Indonesia

    Best at high tide.This is one of the best muck dive site! No corals here, just a plateau of black volcanic sand with a lot of great species for underwater photographers.Marine species: Mandarin dragonets, seahorses, ghost pipefish, frogfish, sea slugs, octopus etc.

    Selang north Gili Selang, Indonesia

    Selang south Gili Selang, Indonesia

    Boomies with acroporas. You are more protected from the current on this side. This is a good place for macro photography.

    Bat Cave Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Cave Point Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Overhang near 18m deep covered with soft corals and gorgonians.

    Coral Garden Menjangan island, Indonesia


    Eel Garden Menjangan island, Indonesia

    You can do a slow drift dive along the western reef (starting from north and ending at eel garden).

    Kapal Budak Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Wooden cargo of 19th century. The anchor lies in 6-8 m (so it's name).

    Pos 1 Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Pos 2 Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Great wall with large gorgonians (the biggest of the area!).

    Temple Point Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Batu Abah Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Batu Lumbung Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Batu Meling Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Buyuk Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    The best dive site of the North Nusa Penida dive sites. Great staghorn corals and pelagics.

    Canyons Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Extremely difficult and seldom dived.Best when there's a relatively light current from the N.Use more weight than normal.Enter 300m to the N of dive site in blue water, descending rapidly.The current is always strong here and will actually try to push you up the reef into shallower water and often…

    Ceningan Channel Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Ental Point Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Good place to meet pelagics, including Molas.

    Gamat Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Toyapakeh strait current may be very strong sometimes; take care!

    Jangka Point Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Gradual slope with good corals.

    Malibu Point Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    This is the best place to meet sharks on Nusa Penida.

    Ped Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Penida Bay Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    S.D. Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    A very popular place and one of the nearest from the mainland.

    Sental Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Sental is in the middle of the north reef. The deep slope is really great for underwater photographers.

    Toyapakeh Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Toyapakeh has a stretch of reefs, and in the southern part of the bay there is a similar area of rugged bommies, rich with color and fish. Big schools of fish, sea turtles, and occasionally Mola mola (sunfish) are highlight of Toyapakeh diving. Toyapakeh is special for its pillars of coral.

    Puri Jati Seririt, Indonesia

    Muck Diving

    Close Encounters Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Close Encounters, a long three-sided reef, of which two sides are very good for diving, while the third side of a large sandy slope exists. Two kilometers from the beach, the reef has steep slopes, resulting in a flat up top, which at its deepest point is 12 m and rises up to 3 to 4 m. The slope…

    Kisik Pegemetan Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Quiet shallow bay with strange species.

    Pemuteran house reef Pemuteran, Indonesia

    This is a great dive site for underwater photographers that wish to shoot the colorful Mandarin dragonets. Best for this is just before sunset, in late afternoon.

    Taka Jaran Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Taka Lebar Pemuteran, Indonesia


    Tanjung Gelap Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Steep drop-off with great marine life.