Dive in Amuk Bay

    Blue Lagoon Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    Great place for night diving and photography. This is a crowded snorkelling site!

    Gili Tepekong - Toilet Bowl Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    Secret Jetty Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    A poorly planned and executed tourism project gave us this truly magnificent dive spot. This jetty was originally built to be used for the ferries connecting Bali and Lombok and to attract cruise ships to stop here, too. However, the site proved to be too shallow for bigger ships - and has since…

    Gili Biaha Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    The south of the island has a great black wall; but take care of the swell & current! The eastern side of the island is really nice.

    Gili Tepekong - The Canyon Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    Mimpang Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    The best part is the southern tip of the reef. Molas and sharks are often seen in this area.