Secret Jetty

Amuk Bay, Bali

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Dive Secret Jetty


A poorly planned and executed tourism project gave us this truly magnificent dive spot. This jetty was originally built to be used for the ferries connecting Bali and Lombok and to attract cruise ships to stop here, too. However, the site proved to be too shallow for bigger ships - and has since then been deserted. Diving in-between the concrete pillars, that are completely covered in sponges and corals, in depths between 3 - 16 metres, you will find an incredible abundance of life. Dives in which we spot up to seven giant frogfish are not rare. And since even the biggest frog fish are born as juveniles, we also spot them here, too. A school of batfish is usually patrolling between the pillars while juvenile mackerels, barracudas, catfish, sardines and other fish swirl around in big numbers. Multiple kinds of nudibranchs, shrimp, crabs or octopus – including rare species such as mimicry octopus, coconut octopus or wonderpuss – squid and cuttlefish have been spotted here since the jetty has been finished and deserted. Other exotic species like blue-ringed octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, various ghost pipefish, stargazer, leaf scorpion fish, seahorses … have been reported here as well. As for the beauty of the dive spot, there are different opinions. But it definitely ranks among the top-3 for all those divers interested in muck-diving and macro. And underwater photographers just love the jetty!

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Ferenc September 11th, 2016 - 17:48:
Great divesite: lots of puffer fish, frog fish, manis shrimps, batfish, catfish, school of small fishes. You can see gorgonias on the pillars. Carefully look around when swimm out under the pillars because there are fisherman on the top so fishlines are in the water!

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