Dive in Pemuteran


    Close Encounters Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Close Encounters, a long three-sided reef, of which two sides are very good for diving, while the third side of a large sandy slope exists. Two kilometers from the beach, the reef has steep slopes, resulting in a flat up top, which at its deepest point is 12 m and rises up to 3 to 4 m. The slope…

    Kisik Pegemetan Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Quiet shallow bay with strange species.

    Pemuteran house reef Pemuteran, Indonesia

    This is a great dive site for underwater photographers that wish to shoot the colorful Mandarin dragonets. Best for this is just before sunset, in late afternoon.

    Taka Jaran Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Taka Lebar Pemuteran, Indonesia


    Tanjung Gelap Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Steep drop-off with great marine life.