Taliarte wreck

Boavista, Cape Verde Islands

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Dive Taliarte wreck

Shoal Wreck

Given its shallow depth of 10 metres at its bottom Taliarte it is an ideal spot for course dives, divers who want to get back into diving after a longer break and underwater photographers. Also passionate wreck divers will enjoy Taliarte that used to be a fishing boat that sank approximately 15 years after it hit reef. Today it is resting on its starboard side providing perfect environment for many marine species. Parts of the superstructure broke off and are now scattered over the sea bed. When staying at RIU Karamboa diving the wreck of Taliarte is a must as it is full of marine life. Descend along the mooring line and you will reach the stern of the wreck at around 7 metres. Continue to dive into big schools of goat fish, sea breams or sergeant majors that are seeking shelter here. Countless small animals like nudibranches, spider crabs, fire worms or gobies live well camouflaged in this environment. You can find moray eels of differed kinds in small holes within the wrecks structure or under wreckage at the bottom. Even Manta rays have been spotted here. Find the shallowest part along the bow’s reeling towards the end of your dive at around 4-5 metres and you naturally end up doing your safety stop. There are infinite marine life to spot and frog fish is one of the stars.

  • white frog fish at wreck taliarte

    white frog fish at wreck taliarte
  • wreck taliarte

    wreck taliarte
  • Burr fish at wreck taliarte

    Burr fish at wreck taliarte
  • doctor fish at taliarte wreck

    doctor fish at taliarte wreck
  • black frog fish at wreck taliarte

    black frog fish at wreck taliarte
  • bow of taliarte wreck

    bow of taliarte wreck

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