Shark Bow

Boavista, Cape Verde Islands

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Dive Shark Bow

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To get to Sharks Bow it takes about 10 boat minutes from RIU Karamboa. This dive site is suitable for advanced divers or training as the reef top appears in a depth of 22 metres. Follow the descent line all the way past the reef top until you reach a big entrance into the reef. The tunnel that could easily be a cave on the fist look opens at around 25 – 27 metres and guides you into a small yard. Here you should check out the countless caves and overhangs for sand tiger sharks and big sting rays. But be careful; don’t forget to keep an eye on your NDL as you are just starting your dive. Turn back through the tunnel to leave the yard and stay close to the reef with your right. Look around you and you will find moray eels, lobsters, fire worms, cat fish, nudibrachs and groupers. As you start to reach shallower depth you will find another big cave at the bottom of the reef where it is very likely to find big nurse sharks resting or sleeping turtles. Leave the depth finally and dive into big school of sergeant majors ,sea breams, Guinean grunts or Monrovia doctor fish. Maybe you get lucky and the amberjacks pass by while you are doing your safety stop.

  • Shark Bow shoals

    Shark Bow shoals
  • Glasseye school on Shark Bow

    Glasseye school on Shark Bow
  • Sand Tiger Shark

    Sand Tiger Shark
  • Shark Bow

    Shark Bow

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