Guraidhoo Kandu

South Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Guraidhoo Kandu

Reef Sharks Drift Wall

The whole Guraidhoo Kandu is a marine protected area, and has several dive sites. There are two main channels: Lhosfushi Kandu and Guraidhoo Kandu. Between them there is Medhu Faru. The reef is complicated and offers many different ways to dive the site. Is a highlight in South Male and some safaris do 2 or 3 dives here, as there is much to see.

Medhu Faru:
The south part has a spectacular scenic reef. If the current is ingoing is possible to start on the outside reef and drift from 30m to the inside into Guraidhoo Kandu. In this case visibility is very good (on the contraty with outgoing). In the outer part is a great idea to stay looking for sharks, eagle rays and napoleons. There more inside you go, the stronger is the current, as a funne effect happens.

Guraidhoo Corner:
This is the south corner of the entrance of the Kandu. Is good with both ingoing and outgoing current, however there is nothing to hold on on middle depths, so the only chance to stay looking the show is at 35m, creating a really short non-decompression dive. Grey reef sharks can be found, also napoleons and eagle rays penetrating the channel. Going inside with the reef on the left hand side there are small overhangs and a nice but bold reef. In spring tides is better to avoid this dive site.

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