Friday's Rock

Boracay, Panay

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A dive at Friday’s can actually cover two dive sites: Friday’s Reef which is 7 to 12 meters, and Friday’s Rock which is 12 to 18 meters. This famous fish-feeding station is a large boulder which provides photographers a chance to capture close-up shots of emperors, triggerfish, red bass, scorpionfish and surgeons.

  • nudibranch seen on fridays rock

    nudibranch seen on fridays rock
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Florian January 24th, 2014 - 2:48:
Fridays rock, just in front of Fridays Resort is probably one of the most popular divesites for open water divers around Boracay. where descent line is the bottom is at about 14m of depth. Fridays Rock is basically just a big Rock in the middle of the sea. you can see big white snappers, lion fish, fusiliers, different kind of nudibranches and once in a while a sea snake. its considered as an easy dive if you go there around slack tide. otherwise you will have a hard time fighting the current.

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