Camia II

Boracay, Panay

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The Camia II, once a steel hulled fishing vessel, was sunk in January 2000. It rests on the bottom at 30 meters with its wheel house at 20 meters. It has since developed very nicely as an artificial reef. The sealife include large red bass, bluefin trevallies, scorpion fish, school of batfish, occasional schools of jacks, some small frogfish and triggerfish, and a handful of curious trumpet fish.

  • little frogfish in the wreck

    little frogfish in the wreck
  • pigme sea horse close to the wreck

    pigme sea horse close to the wreck
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Reviews (2)

Florian January 22nd, 2014 - 6:16:
easy dive. just ten minutes by boat. max depth 28meters. frogfish are not there anymore also the pygmy seahorse is gone. sometimes you can still see the ghostpipefish also pipefish had there home at the back of the wreck. a lot of nudibranches and flatworm can be found all the time.
Nicolas October 10th, 2011 - 21:55:
Very nice and easy wreck love it. no current most of the time good visibility Many critters arrnd like pigme seahorse ghost pipe fish and frogfish

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