Boavista, Cape Verde Islands

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Dive Atlantida

Shoal Big Fishes Reef Wall

Atlantida is located 20 boat minutes southwest of Riu Karamboa. Its reef top welcomes you at around 9 metres and is ideal for divers of all levels. Small pool shaped holes cover the reef top and it is worth taking a closer look into them as you might find lobsters, scorpionfish or moray eels hiding in there. All over the reef and along its steep wall you will spot yellow tail snappers or big schools of sergeant majors and sea breams. If you like macro life you will be happy to find fire worms, gobies, nudibraches and spider crabs all over the thin layer of coral that covers the reef. For advanced divers or those who attend the Advanced Open Water Diver course we find depth by following the reef edge and descending along the wall where we reach the sandy bottom at 30 metres. Down here you might get lucky and find some nurse sharks resting under overhangs or in cracks within the reef. Atlantida offers many different dives and it is not always necessary to get back to the mooring. Deep or shallow -simply fly with the mild currend over the reef top or along its wall and end your dive by sending the SMB up to the surface. If you return to the mooring line you can do your safety stop at the rope.

  • Manta ray at Atlantida

    Manta ray at Atlantida
  • Scubacaribe Boa Vista

    Scubacaribe Boa Vista
  • Atlantida


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