Dive in Pahang

Travel to Pahang

Balok Beach just outside Kuantan

Mention Pahang to a Malaysian, and he will probably conjure up visions of lush tropical forests, cool mountain air, beaches, lakes and waterfalls nestling in the arms of mountain crevices. The largest state in peninsular Malaysia is, in many ways, one of its most wild and Edenic. Two thirds of it is covered by unspoiled rain forest. 

Visitors to Pahang are usually there to visit the state's famous hill resorts, its internationally-known islands and beaches, or Taman Negara, the Peninsula's finest park. 

On the coast of Pahang, the jungle gives way to clean, palm-lined beaches, fishing villages, and the multicultural state capital, Kuantan.

From Kuantan is easy to book a boat to Redang Island:

Redang has a high biodiversity of marine life, offering 80% of species found in the 'coral triangle' (an area bounded by the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea known to have the highest number of marine species in the world). There is no better way to experience the marine life than to go diving.

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