Tioman Ferry Tickets

Tioman Ferry Tickets

Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia

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Come dive with us. From shallow reefs loaded with spectacular coral formations to deeper dive sites that offer technical diving, as well as wreck explorations and even Nitrox, Tioman has it all.

Micro, macro, dolphins, turtles, reef sharks, not to mention whale sharks, Tioman offers a wealth of marine life and never fails to put in a surprise or two.

Come dive with me.

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Everybody knows that Tioman is surrounded by a crystal-clear sea. What many travelers don't know, is that this sea is peppered with spectacular coral reefs and brimming with an abundance of marine flora and flora just waiting to be inspected and admired from up close. If you're keen to receive our internationally recognized Scuba certification, you can follow the PADI Open Water Diver course, the most popular dive program in the world! Who knows, you may even come face to face with the elusive whale shark, the world's biggest fish, at 15 meters long and weighing more than 20 tonnes! The PADI Open Water Diver course is your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure with PADI, the dive community that sets the standards in global diving. Courses in Tioman include full equipment hire, your own copy of the PADI Dive Manual, face-to-face instructor time and complete certification. So come hobnob with our friendly underwater denizens. It'll be a day to remember...

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