Dive in Pahang

    Bahara Rocks Pahang, Malaysia

    Magicienne Rock Pahang, Malaysia

    This pinnacle raises up to 8 m. This is one of the best dive of the Pahang marine park: Whale Shark, Leopard Shark, Mantas can be seen here!

    Pulau Chebeh Pahang, Malaysia


    Pulau Chebeh SouthEast Pahang, Malaysia

    Great white gorgonians and sea fans. Also seen : Stingrays, Napoleon wrasse, two turtles and a goatfish.

    Pulau Labas Pahang, Malaysia

    Reef fish shoals among volcanic rocks.Note: The small skeleton wreck on the northwest side is not really interesting.

    Pulau Renggis Pahang, Malaysia

    Pulau Tulai Pahang, Malaysia

    Soyak Pahang, Malaysia

    Teluk Kador Pahang, Malaysia

    Tiger Rocks Pahang, Malaysia

    Jacks, barracudas, stingrays, turtles, and sometime sharks (including whale shark).

    Tioman Pahang, Malaysia

    Fan Canyon Pahang, Malaysia

    Fan Canyon is located on famous Coral Island and named after the Gorgonia Sea Fans which grow between two large granite boulders.It's a sloping reef with easy access formed of granite boulders which are densely covered in a variety of soft corals at depeer depths and hard corals in the shallows.