Dive in Flores

Diving packages in Flores

3 days national geographic tour in Komodo National Park

Weta Molas is our brand new live aboard and suits perfect for 3 to 8 guests.Apart from diving the best sites in the park, we combine this safari with a trip to Rinca and a sunset at Kalong, a small mangrove island where at that time of day flying foxes take off by the thousands.

Diving in Flores

Diving around here is rated amongst the best in Indonesia (as far as we know at the moment...) but is also not as easy as other dive locations in Indonesia. The currents here seem to be more unpredictable, because the Indonesian throughflow hits the island straight on in the North. This makes for shifting currents and eddies but also attracts large fish in quantity!

Average water temperature: 27-28°C with an average visibility of 25-35 metres. The marine life here is similar to that found in most tropical seas.

The Coral reefs are rich with colourful combinations of hard and soft Corals. Be delighted by the ever present schools of Anthias, Wrasses, majestic Angelfishes, and larger predators - Reef Sharks and giant Trevallies. Day trips to the dive sites mentioned below vary from ½hour to 2 hours to the furthest islands.

Travel to Flores

Without doubt Flores is one of the most interesting and most beautiful islands of Indonesia. In the west on the neighbouring island of Komodo it is possible to watch the Komodo-Dragons, 3-m-long lizards resembling prehistoric animals.

The interior of the island is shaped by a string of volcanoes. The tourists`highlight is mount Kelimutu with its three coloured crater-lakes, situated between Ende and Maumere. The local people are friendly and very hospitable.

The diving areas in Flores are, the east; Labuhan Bajo, where there is reasonable diving around the islands. And there is of course the world class diving of Komodo not far away.

The diving around Labuhan Bajo is average and there is some damage caused by dynamite fishing. For snorkeling it is a very good area. You can find cheap hotels, many dive centres where it is easy to arrange trips to the world class dive spots around Komodo and Rinca.

  • Swimming pool lesson

    Swimming pool lesson
  • Lagona Divers - Komodo

    Lagona Divers - Komodo
  • Bintang Flores Hotel

    Bintang Flores Hotel
  • Sharks in Batu Bolong

    Sharks in Batu Bolong
  • manta ray

    manta ray
  • Lionfish

  • Great nudibranch

    Great nudibranch
  • commensal shrimp

    commensal shrimp
  • Lagona Divers - Komodo diving

    Lagona Divers - Komodo diving
  • Boat Lagona Divers - Komodo

    Boat Lagona Divers - Komodo
  • Komodo Giant Pacific Mantaray

    Komodo Giant Pacific Mantaray
  • View from promenade

    View from promenade
  • cuttle fish

    cuttle fish
  • komodo dragon

    komodo dragon