Batu Bolong

Labuhan Bajo, Flores

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Dive Batu Bolong


Also within Komodo National Park borders Batu Bolong is a tiny rock island in the strait between Tatawa and Komodo, definitely one of the very best Komodo has to offer. This area is undamaged because the current and topography (steep walls) makes it impossible for local fishermen to use their dynamite and cyanide fishing techniques.
Depending on the current you dive either the Northern or Southern side while the other side is inaccessible. Only on very rare occasions at slack tide you can actually swim all around the rock. The dive starts right at the surface with colourful Corals along with other invertebrates and thousands of small colourful fish. In deeper water along the steep walls, many large fish including Sharks, Manta Rays, Napoleon Wrasses, giant Trevallies, dogtooth Tunas, and large schools of Rainbow Runner will greet you.

  • Sharks in Batu Bolong

    Sharks in Batu Bolong
  • Lionfish

  • Great nudibranch

    Great nudibranch

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