Mini Wall

Labuhan Bajo, Flores

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Dive Mini Wall

Reef Wall

The whole north face of this island is good diving.
There are Garden Eels on the sandy slopes, and Shrimps, Gobies and Sweetlips are common. Occasionally, Mandarin fish have been spotted in shallow water.
This site also features beautiful Coral gardens with a high abundance of both hard and soft Corals.
This dive is an excellent refresher/check-out dive or just a nice easy dive with good visibility, calm conditions and no current.

The entry point is marked by a long, low, rocky point east of the beach, which is at the center of the island's Northern coast. Enter just on the Eastern side of the point and swim counter-clockwise around the point at 20-25m depth. Once around the point the reef slope will turn into a wall that drops to about 35m depth. The wall continues to a sandy slope in front of the beach, which marks the end of the dive.
A second dive can begin at the sandy slope and continue counter-clockwise across the front face of the beach to where the reef turns north and juts out to another point.

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