Dive in Hawaii

    Alua Beach Big Island, USA

    Nce dive site; good for both Scuba and Snorkeling. Just take care of boat traffic comming from Honokohau Harbor!

    Kailua Bay Big Island, USA

    Great night dive spot. There are hundreds of garden eels at 90'

    Kealakekua Bay Big Island, USA

    La'-a-loa Bay Big Island, USA

    Snorkel out of the cove following the reef on the left. Start the dive at 25 feetand continue the dive keeping the shoreline on the left.There is a ledge of pahoehoe lava with crevasses, a large archway cavern and sandy chutes.The sandy area is at 50 feet.

    Mahukona Big Island, USA

    Very easy entry dive site. Nice parking and a warm shower!

    Manta Ray Madness Big Island, USA

    This is a great night dive spot. Mantas are really fabulous (success rate is about 80%). If you miss them, typical marine life found in this area are garden eels, squirrel fish, goat fish, butterfly fish, moray eels and invertebrates.This great spot is second only to Manta Ray Village. The Sheraton…

    Miloli'i Bay Big Island, USA

    Good for both Scuba and Snorkeling. Miloli`i is a traditional and family oriented village.

    Old Kona Airport Big Island, USA

    Great dive for lava tubes&occasional Manta Ray . Good viz. Should be carefull of swell.

    Richardson Beach Park Big Island, USA

    Rocky cove. Some nice corals, and reef fished. A turtle if you are lucky! On this dive you can also go out side the cove and follow the stair-stepped reef to 100+ feet. Also there has been reports of a WWII plane wreck out side of the cove.

    South Golden Arches Big Island, USA

    Large rock arch with a nice sandy area. Taken there by Torpedo Tours

    Anahola Beach Park Kauai, USA


    Koloa Landing Kauai, USA

    This was a nice, easy dive with a chance to see some big creatures like turtles and rays. Tons of eels and the standard Hawaiian fare, which means lots of fish and even some Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apu A'a

    Lehua Crater Kauai, USA

    Fantastic! Sometimes called the Forbiden Island it the rim of a dorment volcanio. Great vis. Lots of seals, clown fish and old Lave Tubes you can enter and exit like swim throughs.

    Tunnels Beach Kauai, USA

    Swim thru pieces of lava tubes.

    Back Side Maui, USA

    Nice site to dive.You must have a boat to reach the area. Snorkelers and other dive companies usually frequent the inside of the crater, but not so busy on the back. The back wall drops beyond 200'-300' and the visibility is usually good.There were several reef sharks and a few whales on my trip.If…
    Nice, easy access snorkeling site from the beach. First 30 meters (100ft) or so of the approx. 80moutcropping is excellent for showing kids underwater reef life. Off of the end current becomes an issue and it seemed like most of the flora and fauna was along the wall from the beach to the end. Have…

    Cathedrals Maui, USA


    Enenue Side Maui, USA

    Slope that goes from the surface to over 100 feet, if you turn the corner, and look for the shark ledges.

    Five Caves Maui, USA

    Vast reef with plenty to see. There are five caves found throughout the site. Aquatic life includes: pacific snake eel, schools of needlefish, and the infamous green sea turtles.

    Hanakaoo Beach Maui, USA


    Kahekili Maui, USA


    Middle Reef Maui, USA

    Molokini Crater Maui, USA


    Reef's End Maui, USA


    St. Anthony Wreck Maui, USA

    Old 50 foot fishing trawler addition to the artificial reef (tires in-bedded in concrete), thus other name "Uniroyal Reef". Dive site is do-able from shore, with scooters or fairly long surface swim, many use kayaks to get there. Bottom is about 70 feet, top of boat around 55 feet. Hull is…

    Tako Flats Maui, USA


    Turtle Town Maui, USA

    Snorkel or dive any of the great beaches and look for underwater rocky and coral outcroppings, they are favorite resting spots for turtles.NOTE: in Hawaii turtles are Federally Protected, PLEASE DO NOT ride, harass, or touch them, there are stiff fines if caught, and THEY do bite in self-defense.

    Wailea Beach Maui, USA

    Simply swim around the reef and check out the marine life. Commonly seen aquatic life includes: pacific snake eels, urchins, and the infamous green sea turtle. Manta rays have been seen on the rock point as well!

    Kapalua Bay, Maui Maui, USA

    Kapalua Bay is a protected cove area that is great for levels of divers.Easy entry/exit with tons to see right as you enter. Great Dive !

    Arches Ni'ihau, USA

    Vertical Awareness Ni'ihau, USA


    Corsair Wreck Oahu, USA

    The WWII Corsair fighter is an airplane wreck that sunk in 1946 during training (reason: out of fuel!). The pilot escaped and is still alive.A large ships anchor on the bottom holds a sub-surface buoy that lies just below the surface providing a tie in point as well as a descent line.An interesting…

    Electric Beach Oahu, USA

    This is a great dive site, much more to see under than above ;-) Summer months bring snorkeling tours out to site. Be careful of boats and bring a dive flag! Watch for turtles catch the updraft from the pipe. They look like they are really flying. DO NOT GO IN THE EXIT SURGE FROM THE PIPE YOURSELF!…

    Fantasy Reef Oahu, USA

    big turtles can be found here

    Haleiwa Trench Oahu, USA

    Haleiwa Trench has two sections. The first reef goes out from ankle deep to 30' then drops off to about 60'. Heading to the right side of the reef following the wall gets to about 90'.There is a turtle cleaning station on the top of the reef in 30' of water just past the entry, its a good idea to…

    Halona Blow Hole Oahu, USA

    This is the beach where Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr got hot and heavy, making out in a wicked beach break in the movie "From Here to Eternity". (I think I would've found the waves a little distracting.Seriously, they're getting their backsides handed to them big time and I doubt they enjoyed…

    Hanauma Bay Oahu, USA

    Easy dive, turtles and fish

    Kaka'ako point Oahu, USA

    Kewalo Pipe Oahu, USA

    Eels, Hawksbill turtles and somethime Mantas.

    Makaha Caverns Oahu, USA

    Makaha Caverns are usually accessed by boat, but you can swim by the beach (about 150 yards).Shore diving is a serious surface swim, if there are surfers present then I would advise against the dive.Following the reef line from the shore there will be a mooring buoy and just in on the reef from…

    Pipe Line Oahu, USA

    IF YOUR BOAT CAPTAIN SAYS HE IS GOING TO THE PIPELINE - DO NOT GO!!!Pipeline is a pathetic dive site, located just outside of the harbor.I have been diving in Oahu by myself and privately for a while.Diving in this manner is what gives the island such a bad name.This dive only makes sense if you own…

    Pray for Sex Beach Oahu, USA

    Slowly sloping coral reef to 50 feet of depth, sea turtles and tropical fish. Moderate shore break.

    Rabbit Island Oahu, USA


    Sea Tiger Oahu, USA

    Nice Dive site. Genreally good visibility. Advanced Dive.Wreck of old fishing vessel. Inside has decent amount of access, though most of it has been blocked of by local divers hoping to protect those unaware of the dangers of penetrating a wreck.Occasionally spotted eagle ray, crown of thorns (DON"T…

    Shark's Cove Oahu, USA

    shore diving .com has a great description:http://www.shorediving.com/Earth/Hawaii/Oahu/Sharks_Cove/#siteVery easy shore dive, local PADI instructors take students here for their open water cert dives.Lots of turtles, fishes... also neat swim-throughs in the reef.Nothing too nasty, maybe the…

    Three Tables Oahu, USA

    This site locally called Three Tables, because of the three flat rock formations just offshore are lava fingers which protrude into the ocean. The left side provides a great view of white tip reef sharks, but is a surface swim to reach the cave where they stay. On the right is a popular site with a…

    YO-257 Oahu, USA

    This old navy oiler was sunk intentionnaly in 1989 by the Atlantic Submarine company.San Pedro wreck is just 100'/30m away!The dive site is amazing full of marine life and plenty of nooks and cranies to safely crawl through! Mainly done by charter boat but we kayaked out from the beach! This site…