Dive in Murcia

    Morena / Moray eel

    Bajo de Testa La Manga, Spain

    The low head is an underwater plateau located between 8-10m in the head low, to 22 to 25 at the bottom. It is almost rectangular, with a gentle slope on its western side, towards the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos. The recommended route is to start the dive "falling" toward the East, reaching the…

    Bajo de Dentro La Manga, Spain

    Bajo de Dentro is a rocky outcrop that rises from the sandy seabed at 50m at the tip of it’s southern spine to just 4m at its central point. The northern side comprises of gently sloping platform some 20-30m in length which lies in 12-16m of water. Both the eastern & western sides comprise of…

    Cala Rayo Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    Must look for the lamp pod below the block of stone. Varied fauna: Barracuda, Scorpion fish, Octopuses, Forkbeards, Many invertebrates, sometimes Moon fish (Mola mola).

    Cueva de ASSE Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    It is not really a cave, but it is a hollow between large blocks of stone removed from the cliff. It is important to go with flash light and search in the twists of the stones. on the inside there is a tapestry of colours that cover the invertebrates, and its not hard to find cracks forkbeards,…

    Cueva del mármol Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    Heading south and close to the tip can be seen precious ceriantos some white gorgonian, cabrachos, nudibranchs forkbeards

    El Jardín Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    Once anchored the boat should make a visit to little depth of the walls, filled with the colorful invertebrates that many carpet, then continue the immersion depth in a westerly direction and depth, leaving the creek there is a crack , that if there is not much lift should enter, as well is located…

    Isla del fraile Aguilas Calabardina, Spain


    La Catedral Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    A cave with Our Lady of Victory within contraluces light from multiple entries with high biodiversity makes a wonderful dive

    La cueva de la Virgen Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    La Piedra de Rosa Aguilas Calabardina, Spain


    La Yesera Aguilas Calabardina, Spain


    Los meros Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    Piedra de Santa María Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    Diving is simple, leaving with the flow between the large stones removed from the cliff.Once in the water should take the maximum depth, reaching the sandy bottom, where we tour the veril the cliff in both directions, but here is best in this direction. In the area of the beach you can find some…

    Punta del Viento Aguilas Calabardina, Spain

    Typical immersion characterized by large stone blocks off the cliff of Cabo Cope, where you can see the representative of the Mediterranean fauna. You should take flashlight to look beneath the stone blocks, or simply looking for cracks, forkbeards, croakers, morenas, rascacios, etc ...Near the…

    El Acuario II Carboneras, Spain

    Un precioso valle submarino con fondo de arena entre 2 laderas de poseidonia, donde las rocas extraplomadas a partir de 15 mts de profundidad nos cautivan con bancos de corvallos, sargos, morenas, congrios, gusanos de fuego, barracudas tec..

    El Arco de San Andres Carboneras, Spain

    The Arc of San Andres is a pit formed by the subsidence of the dome of a cave, now open-air shows that the rock arch at the entrance to the ancient cave. On both sides of the arch of the cave are crevices where morays, conger and simple. This can be done with dive center diving school Mojacar.

    Cabo TiÒoso Cartagena, Spain


    Cala Cortina Cartagena, Spain

    Isla de Escombreras Cartagena, Spain

    3 different dives in this beautiful island, two of them for open water divers and the other one, for advanced divers "Pared del Gran Capitan"3 inmersiones diferentes en esta bonita isla, dos de ellas para buceadores "open", la otra para biceadores de nivel avanzado "Pared del Gran Capitan"

    Isla de las Palomas Cartagena, Spain


    El farallon La Manga, Spain

    This little island was an artillery practice target when Isla grossa (the neigbour island) was a military base. Now is full of life.It's very easy to find octopus

    El morrito La Manga, Spain

    It's in one edge of the island, and there are some brief caves that go trough the edge.There is a lot of octopus there!

    La Laja La Manga, Spain


    Puerto de Mazarron Mazarron, Spain