Bajo de Testa

La Manga, Murcia

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Dive Bajo de Testa

Ambiance Big Fishes Wall

The low head is an underwater plateau located between 8-10m in the head low, to 22 to 25 at the bottom. It is almost rectangular, with a gentle slope on its western side, towards the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos. The recommended route is to start the dive "falling" toward the East, reaching the maximum depth planned for later start low and end surround the way up the slope, we return back to the head of the bass and the funding. If after falling to the East, we move southward, we find two interesting rock formations that rise up to about 12m deep. The life that can be found is common in the area, with bream, grouper, bream and pollack as the larger species, and eels and octopuses in the cracks and crevices.

  • Morena / Moray eel

    Morena / Moray eel

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