Bajo de Dentro

La Manga, Murcia

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Bajo de Dentro is a rocky outcrop that rises from the sandy seabed at 50m at the tip of it’s southern spine to just 4m at its central point. The northern side comprises of gently sloping platform some 20-30m in length which lies in 12-16m of water. Both the eastern & western sides comprise of steep walls though the easterly wall is almost vertical & deeper. Both faces have caves & are around 20m & 40m respectively.

Because of the currents that wash this pinnacle, and its protected status, it is rich in both marine flora and fauna. There are large schools of both sea perch, Chromis, Corva, Bream & Mojarra, which in turn attract shoals of Barracuda, Groupers & Dentex. Amongst the rocks lies sanctuary for Scorpion fish, Brotala, Lobsters, Moray and Conger Eels. There is also an abundance of soft corals such as Gorgonias. You can occasionally spot eagle rays, sunfish & maybe turtles.

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