Dive in South Pacific Coast

    Las Cuevas Acapulco, Mexico

    Interesting rock formating with swimming through's and different types of fishes. Only for Advanced Certified Divers with experience in drift and current dives.

    Los Bajos de la Quebrada Acapulco, Mexico

    El Bajo is a huge rock formation infront of the famous cliff divers in "La Quebrada" and can go down to 50 m / 150 ft. Depending on the visibility and the current you'll find a huge school of fishes, huge green muray's, boxfish, octopus, ballonfish and sometimes when it's season humpackwhales and…

    Palmitas Acapulco, Mexico

    This dive site has low to no current. This is a good dive site for those who like free diving and snorkeling. Shallow. It has tiny coral formations. You can frequently see eagle rays and spotted eels.

    Rio de la Plata Acapulco, Mexico

    Rio de La Plata (River of Silver) is the last name of this Italian made vessel. Built in 1923 with the name "Principessa Maria", this 8,539 tons ship was sold on 1941 from its original manufacturer, Lloyd Sabaudo to Argentina, when it got its last name.During summer of 1943, the Rio de la Plata…

    Laberinth Acapulco, Mexico

    This dive site is only accessable during the calm season from about October - May and has some mystics and great canyons. You get easy lost if you don't stuck on your guide. The dive site can be accessable a part for beginners and a part only for certified divers. Of course on the surface all…

    La Cagada Acapulco, Mexico

    One of the best Dive spots. Diving around the rocks to shallow water like "El Jardin" or further depending on the air consumption. This dive site is strongely recommended for diver with experience. Surface and underwater current can be expected during the dive. Different kind of School fishes and…

    El Jardin Acapulco, Mexico

    Beautiful Dive Garden with a huge kind of different fishes, like different type of Ballonfish, Scorpionfish, Stingrays, Boxfish, Murays, Starfish, Turtles, Barberfish, Sergan Major fish, Blenny's, Surgeonfish and Eagle Ray's

    Bufadero Acapulco, Mexico

    "Bufadero" is a beatiful dive location with huge rocks and different kind of fishes. The current can be very strong sometimes (vertical current). This dive site is only for Advanced Certified divers with experience in drift and current dives.

    Ixtapa Lagoon Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

    Located in Ixtapa.

    Torrecillas Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

    Dive Torrecillas! Arches, caverns... a nice dive for intermediate divers.

    Solitary Rock / Piedra… Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

    It is a circular route around the rock can be under taken at varios depths and will always allow you to experience a huge variety of sea life. Large rock formations, and abundance of algae and different species of fish swimming in shoals make it a special dive site.The Solitary Rock is found at only…

    Los Morros de Potosi Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

    Los Morros de Potosi is one of the most fascinating diving areas of the Mexican Pacific. There are three large white granite rocks emerging from the water and their whiteness has given them the name "los Frailes Blancos". There's a perfect equilibrium of marine fauna and a great variety of birds…