Dive in Kadavu Island

    Sea Fan Alley Kadavu Island, Fiji

    Fish Life:Schools of Barracuda, Manta Rays, Hammer headsReef Life:Sea fans with a mixture of hard and soft CoralsDescription:Drift Dive this dive, as there is a lot to cover, in amongst soft and hard corals there are clown triggerfish and turtles. Cruising by expect to see schools of jacks
    Lettuce patches

    Cabbage Patch Kadavu Island, Fiji

    Expect to see a lot of pristine cabbage coral, looks like an underwater garden, spectacular swim through with ghost pipefish inside. Dive site can be drift dive depending on the current and a very easy and mellow second dive.

    Naiqoro Passage Kadavu Island, Fiji

    Wall dives on both sides of the passage also home to Spot X and the Japanese Gardens.This passage offers one of the finest dives in Fiji, abounding in pelagic and reef fish, sharks and coral gardens exploding with colour.The passage can experience some strong currents and with little up or down…

    Canyon Kadavu Island, Fiji

    Location:Namalata ReefType:Stationary /valley divingDepth:23mtrs MaxFish life:Schools of Clownfish varieties/Eagle rays/garden eels/Napoleon WrasseReef Life:Swim through of hard coral /Canyon like valleys/series of coral headsDescription:This is like canyon diving, start by swimming through a big…

    Evil Trench Kadavu Island, Fiji

    Location:Namalata ReefType:Advanced Deep Dive/Cavern DiveDepth:35mtrs +Fish life:Schools of Jack/GrouperReef Life:Mainly Rock FormationsDescription:Extreme deep dive but amazing.Descend to 30mtrs to the trench and slip into the abyss and exit onto the sea wall where wahoo,sharks and grouper will…
    Coral Village is a huge garden of soft coral

    Coral Village Kadavu Island, Fiji

    Coral Village is an amazing dive. The starting point is a small wall that you can do drifting. There you can find reef sharks often.Then you arrive to the "Village", huge fields of amazing soft coral of all kinds, where you can find schools of trevally, jack fish, snappers and some times turtles

    Manta Reef Kadavu Island, Fiji

    Manta Reef is Mad Fish Dive Centre's signature dive site. Divers can expect to see Manta Rays on almost every dive, sometimes up to 10 mantas on a dive. The site is a feeding and cleaning station for resident reef and Oceanic Manta Rays.