Dive in Marsa Alam


    Daedalus Reef Marsa Alam, Egypt


    Elphinstone Reef Marsa Alam, Egypt

    This site is one of the most famous in the Red Sea, wellknown for dolphins, sharks and great wall dives. Both northern a southern tips have a plateu that offer great dives. Eastern and western sides offers great walls! Do not miss diving here :)North Plateau and East Wall:You drop directly above the…

    Marsa Abu Dabab South Marsa Alam, Egypt

    This fantastic shore dive is perfect for divers and non-divers alike. Because this site is not especially deep - 2m-15m - non diving partners will love the opportunity to just sunbathe or have a refreshing dip in the bay of Marsa Abu Dabab and is the perfect opportunity to snorkel in the shallow…

    Erg Marsa Alam Marsa Alam, Egypt


    Sha'ab Marsa Alam Marsa Alam, Egypt


    Brayka Bay Housereef North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Brayka Bay Housereef South Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Coraya Beach Housereef North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Coraya Beach Housereef South Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Dahara Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Lion fish in Jackson reef Sharm el sheikh

    Gota Shaab Sharm Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Halg Dawoud Marsa Alam, Egypt


    Marsa Abu Dabab North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    The Abu Dabab reefs are very spread out and the formation offers a large variety of dive plans. The north and northwestern reefs are home to some spectacular hard corals. The current in all areas is generally moderate. There is everything here: from caves and cave systems, a wreck, closely situated…

    Marsa shagra Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Marsa Shunne Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Ras El Torfa Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Ras Torombi Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sha'ab Ghadir Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sha'ab Ghadir Soraya Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sha'ab Nakari Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Shaab Samadai East Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Shaab Samadai West Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sharm Anbaut Marsa Alam, Egypt

    The Garden of Eden Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sharm Abu Dabour Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Due to the entrance and shape of the site, it is mostly suitable for experienced divers and good sea conditions. The entrance leads through a tunnel, which ends outside of the reef in front of two large pinnacles. There is a lovely sand eel garden to explore, and sharp eyes may spot both eagle rays…

    Marsa Muräna Marsa Alam, Egypt

    It has a rather narrow entrance (thus only accessible in good conditions) with a sandy bottom. The reef goes slowly down to a maximum depth of around 25m and there is plenty to see on both sides with lots of beautiful corals. Small fish hide out in tiny caves on the north side and sometimes you can…

    El Farsha Marsa Alam, Egypt

    This eastern dive spot is only suitable for experienced divers; and it is accessible when weather conditions are calm. You drop into the blue where the plateau starts around 30m with plentiful soft corals. There is a huge amount of marine life here, everything from densely packed shoals of reef fish…

    Sharm Abu Dabab Marsa Alam, Egypt

    This site offers a tunnel system with three interconnecting pools. The current can be strong here and a rope system is in place for additional safety. Access is open to the surface in most areas although there are a couple of overhead parts. As you come out of the canyons, you are greeted by one of…

    Umm Hal Hala / Sha´ab el Naba Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sha?ab el Naba is a very long reef running from north-south that offers plenty of protection at the moorings which are situated in the south and southwest corners. This is a great site to spot barracuda and trevally passing by in the blue. The south plateau has a lot of small coral formations on a…

    Marsa Gabel el Rossas Marsa Alam, Egypt

    A shore dive in a beautiful bay. Despite a narrow entrance, this dive spot is a good choice for most weather conditions, although visibility may be poor at the start if there are strong waves and low tide. A sandy bottom slopes down with the reef on both sides covered in beautiful corals, especially…

    Marsa Egla Marsa Alam, Egypt

    A large sandy bay that is accessible from the shore. The access to the reef is particularly easy in poor weather due to shallow water. The bay slopes gently down to a beautiful reef for the ultimate in relaxing and easy going dives. The north side of the reef has more abundant smaller fish; the…

    Marsa Aselai Marsa Alam, Egypt

    A shore dive site that offers easy access to the reef across a large sandy bay. The bottom slopes gently down over a sea grass bed to reach a beautiful reef on both sides. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed and easy dive surrounded by abundant marine life. Look out for bottom dwellers such…

    Marsa Mubarak Marsa Alam, Egypt

    A beautiful site with colourful corals and home to a family of large sea turtles. There is also a grass meadow where the Dugong comes to feed.