Dive in Ontario

    City of Sheboygan City of Sheboygan, Canada

    FANTASTIC, in-tact wooden schooner. Mast is still upright. Buoy maintaintained by POW/Kingston.

    Comet Comet, Canada

    Paddle wheels on this wreck still stick up 25' or more. Divers can swim through them. Various items still on-site; boiler, collapsed deck, etc. No entry.

    Conestoga Wreck Conestoga Wreck, Canada

    The steamship Conestoga (ie SS Conestoga) was a combined passenger/cargo carrying vessel, built in 1878 in Cleveland Ohio. She was sold to a Canadian company in 1919. On 22 May, 1922, she caught fire when loaded with a cargo of wheat and sank where she lies today.

    The Arabia Tobermory, Canada

    A three masted Barque built in 1853. Lying upright. Stern section collapsed with wheel house over the side. From mid ships toward bow, wreck condition improves. Bow has windlass and both anchors in place. Many dead eyes on rails. Bowsprit largely intact with chain rigging still there. In good vis (…

    The Forest City Tobermory, Canada

    A 216 foot steamer that ran head on into Bear's Rump Island at full speed.She lies on a VERY steep slope. Mid ships to bow are flattened. Things get interesting from 80 feet down. Boilers and aft rail down at approx 150 ft. This wreck deserves respect. It and the Arabia are responsible for most of…

    The Niagara II Tobermory, Canada

    The Niagara II was built in 1930 as a 182 footsteel freighter and later in life, converted to a sand sucker. She was purchased in 1998 and purposefully sunk by the Tobermory Maritime Association the following year after having been thoroughly cleaned in preparation of sinking as a dive site. There…

    W.L. Wetmore Tobermory, Canada

    Wooden Steamer, the Wetmore, sank in a storm in Nov 29 1901.The wetmore sank pulling two barges, the James C King and the Brurnette.The Burnette was salvaged a but the King lies just wet of the Wetmore in 22 - 93 ft of water.The wetmore outstanding features are it huge boiler and the rudder and…

    Keystorm Keystorm, Canada


    Muscallonge Muscallonge, Canada


    The Henry C. Daryaw The Henry C Daryaw, Canada

    STRONG CURRENT throughout this dive.The Darya is a 219 ft steel freighter that struck a nearby shoal on November 20th, 1941, carrying a load of coal, which is found in relative abundance nearby. The gash she suffered was too great and down she went with the loss of one crew member. She landed on the…

    The JC Morrison The JC Morrison, Canada

    The JC Morrison ( approx 75 ft long)is a dual side wheel paddler built in 1854 that sank after catching fire in 1857. She was cut adrift from the nearby wharf to save other ships and sank where she currently lies after burning to the water line.Initially, both paddle wheels were present on the wreck…

    The Lillie Parsons The Lillie Parsons, Canada

    STRONG CURRENT. I can't emphasize this enough. The only reasonable way to get around this wreck is to drift down it and use hand holds on it or rocks on the bottom to pull yourself towards it's stern ( yes, oddly enough, her stern is pointing INTO the current). If using rocks, be careful what you…

    Wolf Islander II Wreck Wolf Islander II Wreck, Canada

    Easy access to swim through this historical ferry. Features misc items on the deck: bicycle, phone booth, etc.