The Niagara II

Tobermory, Ontario

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Deep Wreck Fresh water

The Niagara II was built in 1930 as a 182 foot steel freighter and later in life, converted to a sand sucker. She was purchased in 1998 and purposefully sunk by the Tobermory Maritime Association the following year after having been thoroughly cleaned in preparation of sinking as a dive site. There are a few videos circulating on the internet showing the actual event. She lies just outside of Fathom Five Marine Park boundaries and to dive her, requires a separate tag available at the Diver Information Centre in Tobermory. She lies upright with an descent line attached to a surface buoy, running to just aft and below the wheel house.

This is NOT a one dive affair. She's big and there are a ton of places to explore. Swim throughs abound and also penetration areas. This wreck was prepared for sinking by divers and as such is EXTREMELY diver friendly for all levels of diver. Just keep your dive to your experience and certification level. She lies at a bow down angle, so if you're planning on visiting the machinery at the bow, plan on a dive to 100 feet. You can drop to the mud in front for a good look at 130.

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