The Lillie Parsons

The Lillie Parsons, Ontario

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Deep Wreck Drift Fresh water Wall

STRONG CURRENT. I can't emphasize this enough. The only reasonable way to get around this wreck is to drift down it and use hand holds on it or rocks on the bottom to pull yourself towards it's stern ( yes, oddly enough, her stern is pointing INTO the current). If using rocks, be careful what you grab as she was carrying a load of coal and that is akin to grabbing a grain of sand. It's won't hold you.

All that said, she's a neat ship. She sank after striking a rock in 1877 and her cargo shifted. She's a 131 foot schooner that lies inverted on a rock ledge. She's partially over the edge and the only thing holding her on is the current. Eventually, she'll make the plunge to bottom which is 170 feet there. Penetration is possible and the ship's stove is located midships. Many artifacts have been found on the wreck and are located in bins attached to the island side of the vessel. Look, touch but don't take. A unique view of the centre board and it's housing can be found drifting down current over the hull. Once at the bow, drop down into it's lee to explore or begin a hand over hand journey back to the stern using whatever you can hold onto.

If you plan on extending your drift, past the escape lines, be warned. About 4 minutes down stream is some rock formation that causes a down draft. I guarantee, that's you'll be at 130 ft minumum before being able to kick out of it even fully inflated. The good news? You won't get deeper than 170 unless you brought a shovel.

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