Three Sisters / Tiga Dara

Komodo, Indonesia

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Dive Three Sisters / Tiga Dara


A pristine reef with excellent Coral coverage and rich fish life. Located north of Pillaarsteen, there are three very large submerged rocks about 10m apart and within easy swimming distance of each other.
The rocks run in a line about 100 metres east of a small reef that juts out on the Eastern side of the island. The rocks sit on a sandy bottom in about 20-25m of water and rise to 3-5m from the surface of the water.
The site can be hard to find as its not marked on any charts and the rocks lay just below the surface. This site is current-prone but can be dived almost any time if you are willing to swim.
For the adventurous there is actually a fourth sister located further to the West that starts in about 20m of water and then drops down to 40m with some impressive sea Fans and good marine life around it.

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