Komodo Diving

Komodo Diving

Komodo, Indonesia

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Komodo Diving Liveaboard is the only liveaboard that gives quality of diving with excellent dive liveaboard boats, Our Boutique Liveaboard is provide best accommodation while diving

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We operate 04 boats in Komodo National Park, Blue dragons 01 and 02, Lalunia and Sojourn

  • blue Dragon16

    blue Dragon16
  • Blue Dragon11

    Blue Dragon11
  • blue Komodo4

    blue Komodo4
  • Blue Komodo6

    Blue Komodo6
  • Blue Dragon4

    Blue Dragon4
  • Blue Dragon6

    Blue Dragon6
  • Blue Dragon7

    Blue Dragon7
  • Blue Dragon17

    Blue Dragon17
  • blue Komodo

    blue Komodo
  • Blue Dragon13

    Blue Dragon13
  • Blue Komodo3

    Blue Komodo3
  • Blue Dragon9

    Blue Dragon9
  • Blue Komodo5

    Blue Komodo5
  • Blue Dragon12

    Blue Dragon12
  • Blue Dragon2

    Blue Dragon2
  • Blue Dragon

    Blue Dragon
  • Blue Dragon18

    Blue Dragon18
  • Blue Dragon10

    Blue Dragon10
  • Blue Dragon15

    Blue Dragon15
  • Blue Dragon6

    Blue Dragon6
  • Blue Dragon5

    Blue Dragon5
  • Blue Dragon14

    Blue Dragon14
  • Blue Dragon3

    Blue Dragon3
  • Blue Dragon1

    Blue Dragon1
  • Blue Komodo1

    Blue Komodo1
  • Blue Dragon8

    Blue Dragon8

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